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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Of a Lot of Things...

I have been called out... Again. So much for that 'post once a week at least' thing.

Alright, so what have I been up to in the past month? Well, a lot of things. Searching for an apartment with Louis, playing games, running my D&D campaign, proposing to Chrissy...

Oh, right, that one. Yeah... I got an announcement to make to the internet. A few people already know, but I'm sure the rest of you certainly don't.

I'm engaged now. Surprising, isn't it?

Allow me to explain as easy as I can. This will take a bit, however.

The part 1: the challenger
So, one of Chrissy's old friends called her up and wanted to hang out. This was a friend that she had once had a crush on years ago, but had no chance at the moment since the guy was going out with someone then. Now, two years later, he's single (but Chrissy isn't). So, after some shenanigins, they hang out and talk a bit.

The Part 2: the Problem
Days later, Chrissy calls me, and she's almost in tears. She told me that she was afraid that she'd have to choose between me and this kid. By the end of the night, she had made up her mind about staying with me, but there was still a little doubt in her mind. And mine. I knew I had to do something. Other than beat the crap of the guy. (It should be noted that Louis and Chapel both favored that option)

The Part 3: Crushing All Challengers with a Proverbial Tau Crisis Suit
The next day, I see Chrissy. We talk a little bit about the situation. She was still in doubt, though less so than the night before. Throughout the day, I had pondered about the action I was about to do. I pulled out a toy ring I had gotten from a quarter machine the night before (when I was out with family and Louis to see his then g/f). I had mentioned about how I had joked about proposing with the toy ring. Chrissy told me to do it - so, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. A hug and a kiss later, she asked me if I was serious. A part of me wanted to say it was a joke. Then I took a second to consider it. I had planned to do it anyways, but a few years later. Oh well, might as well move up my schemes and plots...
"Might as well be the real thing."

The kid was crushed when he found out. He had no chance to survive and couldn't make his time.

And when Louis found out that night (we were on our way to see Transformers), damn was he surprised. (Ohbytheway, Transformers rocked)