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Steam Age Arcanuim

My Pride and Joy of a campaign setting: 


It is the age of steam in the world of Arcanus. War has broken out between the Human Empire of Tannish and the Elven Kingdom of Altza over what would be a trivial squabble. Battles are fought with not just swords and guns, but magic and ancient technology and even steam-powered mecha. But not all as it seems with this war, and your mission is no different. You are in the employ of the Tannishian Imperial Legion. You may be a soldier tasked with this special mission, or an outside agent employed to insure its success. Your mission: to take a strange prisoner with unusual magical powers to the Ancient Ruins near the Altza capital so it can be opened. What is within those ruins, or who this mysterious prisoner is, or why even this war is being fought in the first place? All will be revealed... Eventually.

A list of the various posts will be listed here as they're brought online.

Campaign Hook
Example Tech
Character Creation
Prologue Briefing
About Magic
The Legions of Tannish
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Historical Lession
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