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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Steam Age Arcanium

MysTek hasn't been my only campaign project. Over the past few weeks, I have been rolling over a new idea - a Steam-Punk/Fantasy campaign. Here's a little bit of the story for this campaign

You, and your party, were a part of the invading Legion for the Golden Empire of Tarnis. The Imperial Legion's conquest was cut short, as they were pushed back by the Elven Kingdom. During the Legion's retreat through a valley, you were ambushed and seperated from your unit. For some of you, this is a blessing in disguise - you were drafted into the Legion and at this point, you'll be recorded as MIA, which means you can leave the army and return home. For a small select few, this is a chance to prove yourself to the Empire and fight your way back to your unit.

Regardless of your choices, it's going to be a long trip home...

Coming soon: races and factions

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