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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Steam-Punk: Technology

Hop on Wiki and search Steam Punk and you'll have a good idea of the tech. But I do have particular examples for this world. Enjoy.


Impact Hammer
This massive hammer, normally used by Steam Knights (although stronger people have been known to wield these two handed), possess a large revolver ammo chamber filled with tank shells. Because of a pressure plate, this hammer will fire a shell upon impact, dealing massive damage. Originally intended as an anti-tank weapon, but it's proven itself to be effective against many different targets. However, it's large size and weight, along with the decreasing weight as shells are fired, it's an inaccurate weapon against smaller targets.

Weapon lv 3 (hammer): muscle, inaccurate, hands
Weapon lv 3 (shell): linked (hammer), backblast, ammo 1, unreliable
item cost: 1/2([2*3+1-2]+1/2[2*3+1-3])= 3 points

Steam Knight
These 10-12 foot tall steam-powered mechanical armor are the newest and greatest advancement in steam-powered warfare. Because of the dragonite core that helps the armor produce steam, these are somewhat rare (until alchemical sciences have created a stable artificial dragonite). Most units have about a dozen or two. Unlike tanks, these are far more flexible when it comes to mobility and terrain it can cross.

These are the stats for the standard issue Steam Knight with a shield/arm cannon and power claw. More advanced ones will use actual hands and weapons.
Armor lv 4 (8)
Jumping lv 1 (2)
Super Strength lv 1 (8)
Weapon lv 4 (arm cannon): range 2, area 1, ammo 2, activation 1 (7)
Weapon lv 3 (power claw): muscle, penetrate 1, inaccurate 1 (3)
Shield lv 2, lv 4 armor (8+4)
Awkward Size lv 1 (12 feet tall) (-4)
Impaired Manipulation lv 1 and lv 2 (one usable arm; claw hand) (-3 and -6)
Sensory Impairment lv 1: reduced visibility and hearing (-3)
total item cost: 1/2(8+2+8+7+3+12-4-3-6-3)= 12 points

Next time, we eat clown shoes.
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