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Monday, November 21, 2011

Steampunk Campaign is a GO! (maybe)

Okay, so I'm getting the ball rolling here with my campaign. Slowly. I've cleaned up my old forums, since nobody uses them anymore. Hopefully, with the new forums and with some of the newer functions that proboards have FINALLY added (like sub-forums), things will be a little nicer. Each game, if and when other games are added, can have its own sub-forum. But for now, Steam-Age Arcanius will have full reign of the main RP room. Like you guys care though...

EDIT: Okay, I should record the character creation rules here, before I forget again -.-

300 character points
No Dynamic Powers
Power Flux under GM approval only
Mythic benchmarks: most attributes cap at 5; except for toughness, extra energy, combat techniques, special defense, special movement, and anything else that might make sense (talk to me if you're unsure)
Steam-Punk skill costs

Questions? Ask 'em. You can get ahold of me via forums, facebook if you've friend'd me and some point, or texting my cell.

-Locke Alexander, building his Steam-Punk Mecha Throne from which he shall rule Arcanius from!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Steam-Punk: Technology

Hop on Wiki and search Steam Punk and you'll have a good idea of the tech. But I do have particular examples for this world. Enjoy.


Impact Hammer
This massive hammer, normally used by Steam Knights (although stronger people have been known to wield these two handed), possess a large revolver ammo chamber filled with tank shells. Because of a pressure plate, this hammer will fire a shell upon impact, dealing massive damage. Originally intended as an anti-tank weapon, but it's proven itself to be effective against many different targets. However, it's large size and weight, along with the decreasing weight as shells are fired, it's an inaccurate weapon against smaller targets.

Weapon lv 3 (hammer): muscle, inaccurate, hands
Weapon lv 3 (shell): linked (hammer), backblast, ammo 1, unreliable
item cost: 1/2([2*3+1-2]+1/2[2*3+1-3])= 3 points

Steam Knight
These 10-12 foot tall steam-powered mechanical armor are the newest and greatest advancement in steam-powered warfare. Because of the dragonite core that helps the armor produce steam, these are somewhat rare (until alchemical sciences have created a stable artificial dragonite). Most units have about a dozen or two. Unlike tanks, these are far more flexible when it comes to mobility and terrain it can cross.

These are the stats for the standard issue Steam Knight with a shield/arm cannon and power claw. More advanced ones will use actual hands and weapons.
Armor lv 4 (8)
Jumping lv 1 (2)
Super Strength lv 1 (8)
Weapon lv 4 (arm cannon): range 2, area 1, ammo 2, activation 1 (7)
Weapon lv 3 (power claw): muscle, penetrate 1, inaccurate 1 (3)
Shield lv 2, lv 4 armor (8+4)
Awkward Size lv 1 (12 feet tall) (-4)
Impaired Manipulation lv 1 and lv 2 (one usable arm; claw hand) (-3 and -6)
Sensory Impairment lv 1: reduced visibility and hearing (-3)
total item cost: 1/2(8+2+8+7+3+12-4-3-6-3)= 12 points

Next time, we eat clown shoes.
Not really, character creation next time

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Steam Age: Factions

UPDATE 12/24/14 - updated the various factions.  Fixed Council of Undying, added Cataclysm Society.

The Golden Empire of Tannishpopulation: 3 million (70% human, 20% half-human, 10% other)
Current leader: Basle Tarnis (17th Emperor since Empire's creation)
Tech status: heavily industrialized
Magic status: strictly controlled

The Empire used to be viewed as what humanity could achieve with hard work and perseverance. But since Emperor Basle took the the throne 10 years ago, the whole country has fallen into decay. His demand for power has brought ruin to the Empire. Only 5 years ago did he declare war upon the elves and began his invasion. Some progress has been made, but the Imperial Legion has been pushed back more times than they'd care to admit.

Industralization started about 25 years ago, and while the Dwarves have the jump on them, the humans are quickly becoming the strongest in steam-tech. Advances in firearms have been lead by the humans, and they are only second to the Dwarves in Steam Knight tech (the Dwarves do tend to keep the best stuff for themselves...)

Astetics: The Empire has a WW1 German fashion to them. However, weaponry has a industralized version of the Roman Empire (IE: gladius, sword and gun legions, etc). Artechure also follows this style.

The Altza Kingdom
Population: 1.5 million (75% elves, 15% half-elves, 5% humans, 5% other)
Current leader: Queen Eyrian
Tech status: light industrialization
Magic status: very prevalent

The long-lived elves have always been patient, but when Emperor Basle began his invasion of Altza territory, the elves quickly proved to be a greater opponent than the humans expected.

The elves were slow to take up steam-tech, but after seeing the Empire's general success with it, they followed suit after a decade. They still don't use much steam-tech for war, as mages fill up the majority of their siege methods. Fire arms are quickly becoming very common amongst the half-elves and the occasional Steam Knight appears on the battlefield on the elven side.

Ascetics: Altza are heavily influenced by Ancient China. They like to use chinese long swords, bows, spears, etc. Guns are still at a flintlock rifle style at the moment.

Dwarven Merchant Guilds
Population: unsure (primarily Dwarven, but other races have joined)
Leader: varies from guild to guild
Tech: Heavily industralized
Magic: very little (dwarves make for terrible spellcasters, but they have mages in their employ)

The Merchant Guilds have done a great job of staying out of the war between the elves and the Empire. They've done such a great job that they're supplying both sides with weapons and equipment and profiting heavily. Thankfully, they have done nothing the egg on the conflict, but only stand to profit from it.

The Dwarves invented most of steam-tech. While the humans have improved upon the designed greatly, the Dwarves have learned to reverse engineer this improvements and further enhance their tech. As it stands, they possess the most advanced Steam Knights and have even created giant Steam Titans.

Barbarian Tribes
Population: varies from tribe to tribe (primarily beastmen, orcs, and humans)
Tech: low
Magic: low

The barbarian tribes are dispersed throughout the world. While they've stayed out of the war for the most part, a few tribes have hired themselves out as mercenaries. Some raid towns and villages for resources, while some are nomadic and avoid society at large. 

Bandits, Raiders, and other Outlaws
Population: mostly human or half human
tech: low-mid (varies from one gang to the next)
magic: very low

Bandit gangs exist everywhere throughout the Empire and the world. Usually it's just rebelous folk who are fed up with the Empire, or those who can't make a living otherwise. What little Steam-Tech they use has been pilfered from their victims. 

Council of the Undying
Population: unknown (99% immortal)
Leader: Four Lords who rule the Court
Tech: mid
Magic: high

A tiny faction formed to watch over the world with undying eyes.  Despite their name, most of their members are not undead, but rather immortal.  Four Lords rule the Council at any one time, although no one knows their identities.  Or their goals.  Or even how they affect the world.  But people suspect they do so from the shadows...

Druidic Circle
Population: less than a thousad
Leader: various druids and dryads
tech: none
magic: very high

If anyone will be backing up the elves (and they have in small ways already), it would be the druids. However, they have been staying out of the fray for the most part. They've defended their own territories from the Empire, but never gone on the offensive.

Dragon Knights
Population: barely over a hundred
Leader: Supreme Paladin Shunaka
Tech: low
Magic: low

There are few organizations that are more powerful than the Dragon Knights. Their skills are second to none. They don't need tech or magic to do what they do - it's all spirital powers. They exist to deal with the world greatest threats, such as the Revenants and rogue Dragons. Because of this purpose, they have stayed completely out of the war. However, a select few have left the Knights to join their homeland in this war.

Asetics: Samurai style bad-ass-ness.

Cataclysm Society
Population: a few hundrew
Leader: the Gatekeeper
Tech: high
Magic: high

The secretive Cataclysm Society exists for one purpose - to discover what caused the end of the Ancients.  To this end, they have infiltrated the various other factions, as well as explored the Ruins as best as they can.  While they have no interest in the outcome of the current war, individual members have their own plots and schemes...

The leader of this group, known only as the Gatekeeper, has appeared from time to time throughout history.  It is unknown if it is the same person every time, or if the title is passed down.  Either way, his influence and power is extraordinary.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Steam Age Arcanium

MysTek hasn't been my only campaign project. Over the past few weeks, I have been rolling over a new idea - a Steam-Punk/Fantasy campaign. Here's a little bit of the story for this campaign

You, and your party, were a part of the invading Legion for the Golden Empire of Tarnis. The Imperial Legion's conquest was cut short, as they were pushed back by the Elven Kingdom. During the Legion's retreat through a valley, you were ambushed and seperated from your unit. For some of you, this is a blessing in disguise - you were drafted into the Legion and at this point, you'll be recorded as MIA, which means you can leave the army and return home. For a small select few, this is a chance to prove yourself to the Empire and fight your way back to your unit.

Regardless of your choices, it's going to be a long trip home...

Coming soon: races and factions

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MysTek: Character Gen - Skills

I should've put this online sooner...

Skill costs for MysTek

Acrobatics 3
administration 1
animal training 1
architecture 3
area knowledge 2
artisan 1
bio science 1
boating 2
burglary 1
climbing 3
computers 4
controlled breathing 1
cultural arts 1
demolitions 3
disguise 2
domestic arts 1
driving 2
electronics 4
etiquette 1
foreign culture 1
forgery 1
gaming 1
interrogation 2
intimidation 2
languages 1
law 1
mechanics 4
medical 2
military sciences 2
navigation 3
occult 3
performing arts 1
physical sciences 2
Piloting 4
poison 1
police science 1
powerlifting 2
riding 1
seduction 2
sleight of hand 2
social sciences 1
sports 1
stealth 3
street sense 1
swimming 2
urban tracking 1
visual arts 1
wilderness tracking 1
wilderness survival 2
writing 1

Computers - this covers computers, programing, and other ditigal applications. This does include Actualizer programing

Electronics - beyond the usual, this also covers the nature of Magical Circuitry within MysTek. Understanding how magic circuits work is very helpful. Useful for repairing MysTek equipment.

Mechanics - this covers the mechanical end of actualizers and MysTek. Also useful for repairing MysTek equipment.

Occult - new specialization: magic arts. this covers spell casting and magecraft. Theoretical knowledge of MysTek is also covered in the occult skill.

Note again: these are not finalized skill costs. I may drop them some.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mystek: Character Generation

So, we're finally at the point where we're making characters. About bloody time. Been itching to get to this point for a while. Anyways, here's the run down:

200 character points
Use Heroic Benchmarks (pg 10), but do not worry too much about point allocation percentages
Double cap for the following Attributes: Toughness, Combat Techniques, Energy Bonus, Features, and Special Defense (when it makes sense)
Extra Actions has half cap (level 2 at this point)
Banned is Dynamic Powers and Power Surge requires GM approvial
Skill cost list will be generated a little later.
Item has a cap: 40 points total, and no one item can cost more than 20 points.

About the Weapon attribute, in particular with the vampiric customization: you cannot combine the second rank with Stat Drain. If you do, I will not allow you to surpass your normal Stats. This was a minor confusing issue with the previous run of the game and I'd much rather avoid that issue right out.

If you have questions, ask away.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mystic Technology 101

Somewhere, I read a quote that basicly went like this: when technology advances fair enough, it will be like magic. I took this to heart for this setting.

MysTek is, dispite what you may think, technology at its core. No matter how much magic is involved, it's still science and technology. Admittedly, it's at the super-science level of tech and kind of ignores normal conventions, but that's not the point. The magic part is really the power source for this tech and allows for unusual abilities.

MysTek is very different from the rest of the tech in the world. Where alchemy-based tech is very steam-punk in style and appearance, MysTek is shiny, glowy, and generally pretty awesome looking. You can always tell what is MysTek from the glowing magic circuits that cover them like an inorganic nervous system. This can be easily compared to the glowing lines seen in games such as Zone of the Enders, Too Human, or even the movie Tron.

Although unofficial, there are 3 main catagories for personal MysTek gear: offense, defense, and utility. That said, many of these items fall under more than one catagory.

Let us give some examples of MysTek gear...

Twin Bee Enforcers
This pair of pistols fire magically created bullets. They work as a pair, and parting the two pistols makes them both useless. They're favored by gunslingers. The Barrage special attack allows the user to effectively empty the clips of both pistols into a target.

[stats] total cost: 10 character points
Weapon (pistol right) level 3: range 2 (2*3/2+2=5)
Weapon (pistol left) level 3: range 2 (2*3/2+2=5)
Weapon (Barrage attack) level 4: range 1, auto-fire (3), deplete 1 (10 ep), activation 1 (2*4+1+3-1-2=10)

Astral Armor
This belt, when activated, bestows a ethereal suit of armor and wings. While it's great for those who wish to travel light, activating the armor costs a considerable amount of energy.

[stats] total cost: 10 character points
Armor lvl 5 (10 armor): deplete 5 (1 EP/round) (2*5-5=5)
Flight lvl 2 (30 kph): dependent 1 (on armor) (8*2-1=15)

Cloud Stomper Boots
These heavy boots are prized by those who need a little extra hop in their step. They grant their user the ability to leap higher and to bounce off walls.

[stats] total cost: 3 character points
Jumping lvl 2 (10x normal) (2*2=4)
Special movement lvl 1 (wall bouncing) (1*2=2)

[more coming soon]

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Raider's Guide to the MysTek Ruins (pt 2)

[More clips from Issac Forland's book! ]

Bastards. Pricks. All around assholes. Nothing is more annoying than being attacked by Pirates on your way home from a ruin run. Chances of it, they don't have the nice gear you and your team will have, but they make up for it in numbers. The various Pirate Clans are scattered throughout the world, and most exist to take everything you have. If you can talk your way out of an attack, props to you. But that doesn't really ever happen. Unless you have some really big guns on your air ship.

The only thing more irrating than Pirates are the Hunters. They are few in numbers and are poorly armed, but what they can do instead is what makes them a major threat. These guys are fanaticals who believe that magic and MysTek is pure evil and seek to destroy all of it. So of course, Raiders are a prime target for them.

You would think a bunch of crazies wouldn't pose that much of a threat, but they do. They have figured out how to disable and nulify magic. Be prepared to use a crossbow or something on them, because really, that laser blaster is useless against them. Avoid them whenever possible. They're not worth the trouble to fight.

Governmental Pricks:
Not all of the government officials will be nice. Many will seek to take advantage of you, and it's no surprise. You gather some of the greatest loot in the world and they want a piece of it. Never sell to them - they should be getting their MysTek through the Guild. However, don't be surprised if you have to bribe your way past them to get to ruins or whatnot.

[more coming soon]

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Raider's Guide to the MysTek Ruins

[This is text from the book that's consider the bible of MysTek ruins. A renowned raider himself, Issac Forland is currently the leader of the Frost Bite team. Sadly, his writing skills aren't so hot. With that said, it is one of the few actual guides to surviving the most dangerous professions in the world.]

Issac talks about:

This is where it's all at. If you want any chance to survive the ruins, you need to get your hands on some of these wonderful items. Ironically enough, the primary way to get MysTek is to search the ruins. The conundrum is not lost to anyone. For the sake of ease, I'll refer to MysTek as 'MT'.

These items come in many different forms. From weapons, to armor, to silly jewelry, to vehicles - MysTek has many functions. All items are covered in glowing lines called Magic Circuits. Thankfully, a MT user can dim these glowing lines for the sake of concealment with a small effort of will. Many items draw power from the source of all Mana, the Leylines. However, some gain power from their users' pool of Mana. The average Raider has 3-4 MT items. Usually a weapon, armor, and some sort of support item. It should also be noted that there is a small selection of reproduction MysTek items. Most of these are communication devices and shield belts. There's also the newer Air Ship engines, but those are pretty pricey. Older Alchemical engines are easier to get a hold of.

The Gatekeepers Guild:
The Guild is the one thing that unifies every single MysTeam in the world. They keep the teams in check and prevents the rookies from doing something truly stupid. Ages ago, these guys sealed the ruins during the Mana Wars, in hopes of stopping the Wars altogether.

The GK Guild has laid down some ground rules for the Teams:
1) only enter the ruins you have access to. Do so with caution and report to the local branch before entering.
2) Do not attack other Teams.
3) Report any irregularities discovered within the ruins (such as Revenants).
4) Check in all salvaged items from the ruins for inspection.

There are many many branches throughout the world. They all keep contact with the main HQ, which sits upon the largest land-bound ruin of the world, the Black Citadel.

While a select few scour the ruins alone, the majority of the raiders are smart enough to work as teams. Someone in the Gatekeepers came up with the cheesy name of MysTeams. It stuck. To form a team, and thus gain access to the ruins, you must register yourself and your team with the Gatekeepers. They do a few tests, mostly to make sure you won't get killed right off the bat in the ruins. Each team also has an air ship to call their own. Without one, it'd be impossible to reach most of the ruins. The GK does not supply any of the equipment or air ships a team needs, but will point a prospective raider in the right direction on how to acquire such items.

The Ruins:
The remnants of the Golden Age of Magic. For being from such a glorious age, you would have thought they would aged better. Regardless, this is the biggest source of MysTek items, and thus a raider's income and equipment. Within these ruins lie many dangers. Actualizers, Revenants, traps, decomposing structure, etc.

Also known as Actors for short (sometimes even Acts), these mechanical golems defend the ruins. Every one has a purpose, and every one can be a threat to raiders.

There are 4 known classes: Worker, Guardian, Monster, and Seraph.

These come in animal and insectiod forms. Generally not a great threat except in numbers. They perform various menial tasks. They vary from the Scarabs to the Bears to the Wasps.

The primary threat in the ruins are the guardians. They come in humanoid form, and often times armed to the teeth. Assume that each one can kill you and approach with caution. Each one is named based on armaments and tactics.

Large and powerful, these are few and far between. Thank god for their rarity. They are incredibly difficult to kill and if you ever face more than one at a time, you will likely be killed. Some of the known Monsters are the Hydra and the Titan.

Even rarer and nothing short of insanely powerful are the Seraphs. Records show that there were only a handful produced, but to reflect this, they are fully sentient, highly intelligent, extremely dangerous, and worse yet, could pass for a normal human with ease. In all likelihood, the Seraphs rule the other Actualizers. Few humans have ever met one and lived to tell the tale. No one has ever destroyed one, but it may be for the best not to even attempt it.

No one knows much about these abominations, but we do know that they are a strange fusion of living and MysTek. Unlike the occasional person with implanted MysTek (dangerous stuff that is, but it is handy if you can deal with it), Revenants are no longer human in both mind and body. They are fully intelligent, but work as a swarm. Some believe that their minds are connected and their combat tactics can confirm something to that nature.

Regardless of their origin, they are considered the greatest risk you can encounter in the ruins. Thankfully, they are rare. They travel in small packs and are heavily armed, and worst yet, they can adapt their weapons to suit their needs. They will switch between energy weapons to solid ammo weapons to giant meat cleavers in mere seconds to take advantage of whatever weakness you may have. Avoid combat with them at all costs.

If Actors and Revenants weren't enough, there are also traps designed into these ruins. You must keep your wits about you as you venture into these ruins. These vary between different ruins - some have gun turrents that pop out of the walls, spiky pits, crush plates, and some ruins are set to self-destruct if you push the wrong button. Be careful in there.

[more coming soon]

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Return of Project MysTek

A few people may know this, those who used to go to my (now dead) forums, I ran a game dubbed 'MysTek'. The game ended in failure because of my own issues, but now I'm bringing it back. Hopefully, I can run it in RL this time. Anyways, if someone wishes to make use of the campaign setting for their own game, you are welcome to. Just give me credit for it.

Project MysTek Campaign setting

Summery of setting:

About 2000 years ago was the end of the Golden Age of Technology. Back then, there was a form of tech that was powered by mana. However, a terrible cataclysm stripped the world of the laylines, the source of mana. And melted the north polar cap, which flooded much of the world. Nobody knows how or why such an event occurred, but it changed everything.

Shortly after the great Cataclysm, war broke out for what remaining mana was left in the world. This was known as the Mana Wars. Eventually, the world entered a Dark Age. This lasted well over a thousand years.

Humanity began to rebuild the old world, using the remaining science of Alchemy to create the world that is today. The leylines had returned to the world. And then 75 years ago, everything changed again - the ancient technology resurfaced.

Mystic Technology, or MysTek, it was called. The ruins of the Golden Age were discovered and with that, their technology. Soon the world scrabbled to get what they could, but it wasn't long before they realized that most of the ruins were sealed.

The Gatekeepers appeared before mankind at this point, revealing that they had sealed the ruins during the Mana Wars to prevent their misuse. And that they were willing to open up the old ruins so that mankind could regain their former glory. The Gatekeepers formed a guild that would regulate the distribution of MysTek, and gathering it. Teams of Raiders gathered to enter the ruins, and retrieve the technology to restore the world.

You are a member of one of these Raider teams. You venture into the ruins in search of MysTek. Be it for fame and glory, riches, knowledge, or to even escape your past - no matter what your ultimate goal is, you must survive the ruins.

More stuff coming soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

*Sigh* Times are Tough...

I should post more often...

Since I know no one will read this, I can rant to my heart's content. I've been bothered with a lot of things lately, most of which is family.

Now, my non-existant readers, before you start assuming this is some angsty teenage (which I happen to fulfill neither of) rant, allow me to explain. In June, I'm getting married. This should be a happy occasion, and I am indeed looking forward to it. My parents are not.

Well, really, I think there has been a lot of miss-communication between me and my parents. I tend to do a piss-poor job of explaining myself. I get put on the spot and I panic. I love my social anxieties...

My parents think that I'm being forced to marry by my girlfriend and her family. This is not true at all. I was given a choice, and had the choice all along. Now, I may be at the point that backing out will make me an ass, which is why I don't plan on backing out. But this is without a doubt, my own choice. At the time when things went into motion, I just went with it. But as time passed, I began to get excited about the whole thing. I went through my period of cold feet, and despite that, I realized that I love my soon-to-be wife very much.

Very few people really understand me. Even less can put up with my whole cocktail of social ineptitude and neurotic psychological problems. I used to believe I was just ADD and bad with people. College really helped bring to light that I'm a lot more fucked up as a person that I originally believed. But this information is good. I learned that I'm not the only person with issues. And that I'm slowly (very slowly) trying to resolve my crap ton of psyche problems. I realized that there's only one person out there who really tries to get me and help me through my problems.

Back when I flunked out of college, I suffered from depression. It was fairly crippling at that. It wasn't the sort that could be solved quickly, or easily. I went through a lot of self-exploration. I scoured my own psyche for the reasons for my problems, believing that finding the source may provide some insight in fixing the issue. There were times that I just cried like a baby. When I realized that I had very little going for me; when I realized that I had very few friends anymore; when I realized that I just sucked at a lot of things that I thought I was good at; When I realized that life was far harsher that I believed it to be... I even considered suicide on a few occasions (and I should note that I take suicide to be a very serious topic). I had thought of hanging myself from the break room balcony at work with bungee cords. I had considered throwing myself off a roof, head first. And I cried every time.

The worst part about all of that depression is that no one noticed. Well, almost no one. My family sure as hell didn't really pick up on it. My friends were too busy with their own crap to figure it out. But my girlfriend did. And she was my saving grace during those days. Even when I was scared out of my mind from the depression, she was there for me. When I considered drinking myself to oblivion and slicing my wrists into pieces, she was there, when no one else was.

I'm a lot to put up with. I get anxious and worked up really easy. Especially dealing with people. I can be wishy-washy at times. I space out or focus on things that don't really matter. I have a horde of geeky hobbies, and not much else. I can be really stubborn about really stupid shit. I'm a picky eater. I have little drive to do anything. I'm missing some common sense. I'm awkward to be around most of the time. I have troubles understanding my own emotions. I have issues.

It's amazing that anyone is willing to put up with all of that. Gods know I wouldn't want to. But my girlfriend does. She loves being with me, every second of the day. She never forces her own decisions onto me, but allows me to choose my own fate and future. I love her.

For once in my life, I feel drive. For once, I actually want to do something other than play video games. For once, I'm willing to stand up for myself and tell everyone to put up with MY shit, and not the other way around. For once, I'm moving towards a future. For once, I may actually be truly happy for the first time in years.

My parents, from what I can tell, do not want me to get married because I'm not done with college yet. To me, it doesn't matter. I will finish college, regardless. It may take a little while longer, but so be it. I don't mind.

I'm being put into a situation that I may be pissed at my family regardless of my choice. I back out of the wedding now, I'll be pissed at them for forcing me to do so, and I own my girlfriend's parents the money they put down on the wedding. If I go through with plans, I may be cut off from my family and I'll be pissed at them for it.

I gave them a chance to cancel this wedding before things got too serious. They didn't understand that, though, and avoided meeting with my g/f's family to discuss things. And now they want to stop it when the money's been put down. I'm not backing down at this point. Too late now, in my book.

Well, if my dad fights me on this tonight, I may have to cut them off. I don't want to, but it feels like I may have to. By the gods I hope that an understanding can be reached...