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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Raider's Guide to the MysTek Ruins (pt 2)

[More clips from Issac Forland's book! ]

Bastards. Pricks. All around assholes. Nothing is more annoying than being attacked by Pirates on your way home from a ruin run. Chances of it, they don't have the nice gear you and your team will have, but they make up for it in numbers. The various Pirate Clans are scattered throughout the world, and most exist to take everything you have. If you can talk your way out of an attack, props to you. But that doesn't really ever happen. Unless you have some really big guns on your air ship.

The only thing more irrating than Pirates are the Hunters. They are few in numbers and are poorly armed, but what they can do instead is what makes them a major threat. These guys are fanaticals who believe that magic and MysTek is pure evil and seek to destroy all of it. So of course, Raiders are a prime target for them.

You would think a bunch of crazies wouldn't pose that much of a threat, but they do. They have figured out how to disable and nulify magic. Be prepared to use a crossbow or something on them, because really, that laser blaster is useless against them. Avoid them whenever possible. They're not worth the trouble to fight.

Governmental Pricks:
Not all of the government officials will be nice. Many will seek to take advantage of you, and it's no surprise. You gather some of the greatest loot in the world and they want a piece of it. Never sell to them - they should be getting their MysTek through the Guild. However, don't be surprised if you have to bribe your way past them to get to ruins or whatnot.

[more coming soon]

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