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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Return of Project MysTek

A few people may know this, those who used to go to my (now dead) forums, I ran a game dubbed 'MysTek'. The game ended in failure because of my own issues, but now I'm bringing it back. Hopefully, I can run it in RL this time. Anyways, if someone wishes to make use of the campaign setting for their own game, you are welcome to. Just give me credit for it.

Project MysTek Campaign setting

Summery of setting:

About 2000 years ago was the end of the Golden Age of Technology. Back then, there was a form of tech that was powered by mana. However, a terrible cataclysm stripped the world of the laylines, the source of mana. And melted the north polar cap, which flooded much of the world. Nobody knows how or why such an event occurred, but it changed everything.

Shortly after the great Cataclysm, war broke out for what remaining mana was left in the world. This was known as the Mana Wars. Eventually, the world entered a Dark Age. This lasted well over a thousand years.

Humanity began to rebuild the old world, using the remaining science of Alchemy to create the world that is today. The leylines had returned to the world. And then 75 years ago, everything changed again - the ancient technology resurfaced.

Mystic Technology, or MysTek, it was called. The ruins of the Golden Age were discovered and with that, their technology. Soon the world scrabbled to get what they could, but it wasn't long before they realized that most of the ruins were sealed.

The Gatekeepers appeared before mankind at this point, revealing that they had sealed the ruins during the Mana Wars to prevent their misuse. And that they were willing to open up the old ruins so that mankind could regain their former glory. The Gatekeepers formed a guild that would regulate the distribution of MysTek, and gathering it. Teams of Raiders gathered to enter the ruins, and retrieve the technology to restore the world.

You are a member of one of these Raider teams. You venture into the ruins in search of MysTek. Be it for fame and glory, riches, knowledge, or to even escape your past - no matter what your ultimate goal is, you must survive the ruins.

More stuff coming soon.

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