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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mystic Technology 101

Somewhere, I read a quote that basicly went like this: when technology advances fair enough, it will be like magic. I took this to heart for this setting.

MysTek is, dispite what you may think, technology at its core. No matter how much magic is involved, it's still science and technology. Admittedly, it's at the super-science level of tech and kind of ignores normal conventions, but that's not the point. The magic part is really the power source for this tech and allows for unusual abilities.

MysTek is very different from the rest of the tech in the world. Where alchemy-based tech is very steam-punk in style and appearance, MysTek is shiny, glowy, and generally pretty awesome looking. You can always tell what is MysTek from the glowing magic circuits that cover them like an inorganic nervous system. This can be easily compared to the glowing lines seen in games such as Zone of the Enders, Too Human, or even the movie Tron.

Although unofficial, there are 3 main catagories for personal MysTek gear: offense, defense, and utility. That said, many of these items fall under more than one catagory.

Let us give some examples of MysTek gear...

Twin Bee Enforcers
This pair of pistols fire magically created bullets. They work as a pair, and parting the two pistols makes them both useless. They're favored by gunslingers. The Barrage special attack allows the user to effectively empty the clips of both pistols into a target.

[stats] total cost: 10 character points
Weapon (pistol right) level 3: range 2 (2*3/2+2=5)
Weapon (pistol left) level 3: range 2 (2*3/2+2=5)
Weapon (Barrage attack) level 4: range 1, auto-fire (3), deplete 1 (10 ep), activation 1 (2*4+1+3-1-2=10)

Astral Armor
This belt, when activated, bestows a ethereal suit of armor and wings. While it's great for those who wish to travel light, activating the armor costs a considerable amount of energy.

[stats] total cost: 10 character points
Armor lvl 5 (10 armor): deplete 5 (1 EP/round) (2*5-5=5)
Flight lvl 2 (30 kph): dependent 1 (on armor) (8*2-1=15)

Cloud Stomper Boots
These heavy boots are prized by those who need a little extra hop in their step. They grant their user the ability to leap higher and to bounce off walls.

[stats] total cost: 3 character points
Jumping lvl 2 (10x normal) (2*2=4)
Special movement lvl 1 (wall bouncing) (1*2=2)

[more coming soon]

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