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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mystek: Character Generation

So, we're finally at the point where we're making characters. About bloody time. Been itching to get to this point for a while. Anyways, here's the run down:

200 character points
Use Heroic Benchmarks (pg 10), but do not worry too much about point allocation percentages
Double cap for the following Attributes: Toughness, Combat Techniques, Energy Bonus, Features, and Special Defense (when it makes sense)
Extra Actions has half cap (level 2 at this point)
Banned is Dynamic Powers and Power Surge requires GM approvial
Skill cost list will be generated a little later.
Item has a cap: 40 points total, and no one item can cost more than 20 points.

About the Weapon attribute, in particular with the vampiric customization: you cannot combine the second rank with Stat Drain. If you do, I will not allow you to surpass your normal Stats. This was a minor confusing issue with the previous run of the game and I'd much rather avoid that issue right out.

If you have questions, ask away.

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