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Monday, November 19, 2007

Random Rantings

It seems that a lot of things have been working against me in the past month or so. I get tickets I don't deserve, my car's transmission starts acting up, my boss maybe wants to fire me but don't have a good excuse to do it (this is me being paranoid, I'm sure), and now my brother hides his games from me 'specially when I kindly ask to play said games when he isn't. Thankfully, the tickets weren't too much (the one I was guilty of was the more expensive of the two >.<), my car still runs but I can't drive very fast (like above 70), my boss doesn't have a decent excuse to fire me so I still have a job (or he was just in a bad mood that day), and my brother is just a prick who has issues with me for some reason (except when I buy him booze). In other news, I've been drawing again. Nothing too big lately, but I did draw my newest D&D character, Shana (who was named after my favorite loli - Shakugan no Shana). Here's the sketch itself:

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Well, I think that's it for today. Maybe I'll have more to talk about on another day.