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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Arcanus Briefing

UPDATE 12/24/14 - Adjusted to suit the various runs.

The sound of engines reverberate through the airship.  No matter where you go, you cannot get true silence from these engines, but after a few days of constant flying, you have gotten used to it.  When you look out the windows, you can see the other 3 airships in the fleet heading for Altza territory.  The deck is insanely windy and the air is thin.  You are now only 2 days away from your destination - Camp Wyrmlock.

You, and your party (minus Prisoner) have been gathered for a particular team. You are under the command of Legate [PC Name Here], for one task - to escort the captive [Prisoner Character] (he needs to be alive) to a particular Ancient Ruin 50 miles west of the Altza capital.  You will be operating separate from the Imperial Legion, and most of the Legion is unaware of your mission.  And this mission came from the upper ranks of the Legion and the Inquisition.

What you know about your captive: [Prisoner] is not exactly human.  You have been informed during your briefing that he has some form of MysTek imbued into him. You have not been told why you need to take him to the ruins, but you have been told you will meet up with an agent of the Inquisition at the ruins.

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