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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Desire to Kill Rising...

Okay people, it's time for a Locke rant. And this is one hell of a rant today. In short, I hate cops more than ever because of today. Because the lot of them are dicks.

Okay, so it's about 5:20 when this happened. I was in Hebron, on my way down to Purdue because Justin wanted to go to Game Craze to look and maybe buy some older games (he's a collector). Anyways, a cop pulls me over. I'm like WTF, what did I do this time? Was I speeding? Anywhos, the cop, a chick, asks me for my lisense and registration. As I'm pulling out my ID, she asks me if I knew what I did to be pulled over. I say that I didn't know (although I thought it might've been speeding). She says 'are you kidding? I just put the lights on.' She takes the ID and the registration from me (also mentioning that I forgot to put the little sticker on my plate) and walks away, not telling me what I had done.

About 30 minutes later, she comes back. With two tickets. One for the sticker not being on my plate, the other for not having a seat belt on. At this point, I'm like, waitasec... I call bullshit! I tell her that I had my seat belt on the whole time, and in fact, told both Chrissy and Justin to put their's on before we got going. We try to argue out of the ticket as politely as we can, but no luck.

I hate cops so fucking much... They're so full of crap these days.


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