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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Blues

Okay, once again I neglect my blog. What else is new? I suppose it's time to update again while I'm bored and the TV is being used to watch Deadliest Catch.

Spring Semester went well. My 3D modeling class was fun and interesting, a nice change from what most of my classes are. Photoshop class was a complete blow off.

I moved out of my parents home to a small town home. My girlfriend moved in a month later. My roommate works with me and is a bit weird. I'm likely to hear him bitch all evening long during my closing shift tonight.

Sadly, I've been bored out of my mind the past few months. While I have Starcraft 2 to play, I've been sucking so bad lately that it's started to get boring. Still going to pick the actual game up when it releases, but it's starting to lose its glory. Haven't been doing any real D&D'ing lately, which is a bummer.

Enough for today. See ya in a few months, maybe.


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