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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Semester, New Attempt to Blog More Often

It's been a while. A long long while. Too long, if you ask anyone.

So where have I been? I've been here, in the internets, lurking endlessly. It's what I do most of the time. But the truth is that I've been fighting depression. You would think that would make posting easy, what with the endless amounts of pointless bitching I could do. But that's not the case. Depression just disables you from doing anything. You drift away from everyone you care about and abandon the things you enjoy. the feeling of worthlessness really makes things difficult.

So what have I been up to? Not much, really. Finally got my revenge upon the two classes I failed 3 years ago (I have A's in them now, so my GPA has risen great deal). My relationship with my girl friend has been rough the past few months, although hopefully things will start working out a bit.

Played a number of newer games: Assassin's Creed 2, Borderlands, Dragon Age: Orgins, and recently Bayonetta. Still got Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 to install and play, and next week I'll have No More Heroes 2 and Mass Effect 2 to play. After that, there'll be White Knight Chronicles and Bioshock 2. Suffice to say, it's going to be a good year for gaming, and we're not even out of winter yet.

In the anime department, I have a few series to write reviews of. Bakemonogatari for starters. Haven't been watching much anime lately, honestly. Most of the stuff lost my interest quickly, or I didn't care to watch it to begin with.

I fully intend to return to my forums once more. I have been gone far too long and people are begining to assume I may have vanished or died or something. Can't be having that on my own forums, now can I?

Here's hoping I'll post more often.

-Locke Alexander

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