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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

... Can't think of titles right now

Okey... Hmm... I should put more into this blog, shouldn't I? Alrighty, why not rant about some of my role-playing shenanigans. I wonder if I actually spelled that right...

I've been in several different D&D campaigns, but only 2 truly stand out in my memory (although sillyness from other campaigns still lurk in my head). These campaigns were run by my roommate (or former roommate since we both got kicked out of Purdue), James.

The first one that he ran that I was in was an evil campaign. At the beginning, I was a changling ninja and Dave played a half ghost elf, half Medusa warlock. Trust me, James managed to make that one work. For a little bit, it was just us two. This was because we hadn't met our other friends - Nick, Ben, and Nate. Nick played a human spellthief (he was one of the few non-evil characters in the group), Ben was a fiendish gray dwarven barbarian, and Nate (when he joined much later) was some weird race wizard Voldemort wannabe. It was amusing that the evil party was more-or-less forced to save to world.

It's easy enough to say we were a bunch of insane evil do'ers. The party was mostly chaotic evil. There was more backstabbing in the party than NPCs. After a while, I got bored with my ninja and switched for something far more destructive. A Chaotic Neutral (later evil) half-celestial druid who was the grand son of the god of destruction. There's something to be said about irony in this. I ended up getting a gauntlet that multiplied my damage by a d6. So, it was something along the lines of (1d4 + 7) x 1d6. I could either get shitty damage or massive damage. Everytime I got a major hit with that gauntlet, it reinforced the concept of 'don't fuck with the druid' to the rest of the party. I loved it. It was even funnier when I didn't cast many spells for the party. I just buff'd myself instead. I ended up reasoning that Sorata, my druid, was saving the world because he wanted to destroy it all personally.

Sadly, that campaign ended with the end of the year. The next year we moved onto a new campaign by James. This time we were good. Very good. It was kinda nice to move to a different purpose. I ended up playing a monk in that game. It always amused me in the fact that I was the first to charge into the fight, with little regard to my own safety. However, this campaign ended when both me and James were kicked out of Purdue. Tis a sad thing, since I enjoyed the game greatly.

Anywhos, I think this will do for now. Maybe I shall post more of my misadventures in D&D. Need to find a new campaign around here...


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