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Friday, April 13, 2007

Of Cameras and Friends

I'm deleting my last post. When I think about it, nobody really needs to know such things. My personal thoughts on the matter don't need to be recorded on the internet. It's his life, not mine, so I'll let him do as he wishes. If you're confused, don't worry - it's nothing you need to bother with.


I got a new digital camera. No, I'm not going to take myspace pics of myself. I've done that enough with my cell's camera when I got it. It's a nice Polaroid digital camera. Not sure on the model name, but it says i533 on it. Got it for $100. Used to be $20 more, but it went down in price. There was also a pink one that supports breast cancer, but I'd rather not support cancer (lol). And I'm kinda cheap.

While I was out with Chrissy tonight, we bumped into Tim and Renee. There's something to be said about friends who's minds are in the gutter on a regular basis and love making jokes about it. I dunno what should be said, but I'm sure something should be.

There's also something to be said about Fazoli's charging 10 cents a bread stick. I'm sorry, but it's just not worth that much. Maybe 5 cents. Maybe.

Well, enough of that post. I'll see if I can crank out another painting sometime soon-ish. I gotta post in an RP on Gaia soon anyways...

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