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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Of D&D Campaigns

Okay, so after talking to Dave about the campaign and the idea behind it all, I have come to the conclusion that damn it, I should run it. Therefore, so I don't have to explain it every time I tell somebody new, I shall post the entire concept and hook here, along with any particular rules that I will use (some are pending, haven't looked through everything yet).

Wings of Chaos: Ruined Wind

A silver haired man with blue-tinted glasses sits in a comfortable looking leather chair, a book in hand. He glances up to see his guests. “I see it’s time for a story, isn’t it? Ya know, I just found this one earlier today. My mentor wrote it. It’s a story of one of his later adventures.

“Who is my mentor, you ask? Why he holds the title of ‘Fuujin, the God of Wind’. He is the founder and leader of the Anarchy Cross. He’s a wanderer, and he enjoys writing stories of the adventures he and others have been through. This, is one of them. And this will be today’s story…"

The man opened the book and began to read it out loud. “Dark stormy clouds could be seen off the coast that night. The residents of Waterdeep could easily tell it was going to be the worst storm they had seen in years. But the storm would soon be the least of their worries…

“Oh, sure, it was a bad storm, but what came after it made the horrible weather seem like a child’s playground. The next morning, people awoke to the sight of terrible black obelisks framing a vile fiery portal. Next thing they knew, monsters started to pour out from this portal, and several others littered throughout the city. It was as if the gates to hell itself had opened on their door step. In some cases, that was very literal…

"For myself, however, things were far less pleasant. I didn't get to wake up to that sight. Didn't even get a full night's sleep, even. What I found was red skies. At first, I thought I was looking at the beautiful sunset sky, then looking a bit closer, I realized it was too dark of a red. And the bright pulsing veins in the sky were a good clue to tell me that I wasn't in Faerun any more. Or Kansas, which would've been slightly better than where I ended up.

"It wasn't long before I heard noises of something shuffling about. And that was when I found a rather ugly face only a few inches away from my own face. A combination of reflexes and instinct kicked in as I swung my right arm wildly. The ugly thing jumped away in surprise. If only that moment lasted longer. I would later call these creatures 'scamps', since they looked like tiny, scraggly humans with big, elongated ears and nasty looking claws. The scamp took a lunge for my throat. A rolled over, avoiding its attack, and sprung off my hands to get back onto my feet. Luckily, my sword was at my feet. I kicked it up and grabbed the handle, ready to draw. I focused my senses briefly, searching for that instant to strike. Before the creature could spin around for a second attempt, I drew my blade and cleaved its head right off its neck in a single motion.

"The monster fell limp onto the ground, which I had now noticed was barren dirt with a slight rust color to it. As I looked around my surroundings, the only thought that came to mind was How the fuck did I end up in Hell? Later, I realized that it wasn't Hell that I was in, but a plane I would later identify as Oblivion. I looked around a bit, finding dead mauled townspeople lying around. Maybe fate was on my side that day, however. I found survivors. And they were adventurers, too. Or maybe fate just loves to mess with me..."


Confused? Allow me to make this into more sense. In short, this campaign will take place in Faerun, the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign setting. What is going on is that portals to Oblivion have opened all over the place. The party, however, doesn't get the chance to prepare to go into one of the portals, since they start off right inside one.

Yes, I realize that portals to Oblivion was covered in Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. I'm using that for a reason. And I'm not following that game's plot. After all, somebody else is behind this. Somebody with some very big ambitions.

Now for other important details. This starts off at level 10. Almost all WotC books are allowed, as long as I've seen it and have all the info I need. I intend this to be a good/neutral party, but there can be an evil character or two as long as they're not killing off the party or selling their souls to devils. All PCs and major NPCs will get the following extra goodies: one free regional feat and one skill that can be made into a class skill, regardless of what skills are available to their normal selection. Each character starts with 50,000 gp. More may resources may be given out as I see fit depending on character background and other interesting things.

I intend to use the taint rules presented in the Heroes of Horror book (also found in Unearthed Arcana and Oriental Adventures). I am considering using the Action Point system found in Eberron, as well, but I need to look that through some more.

Comments, suggestions, or questions should be directed to me via comments or AIM (RiotTheStorm). There's more, but since I'm kinda tired, I need to think more and look through more rules.

EDIT: These are the forums I plan to use for the game. Link


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