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Monday, May 7, 2007

Umm... I can't think of a title

Okay, so now that I'm not dealing with a particular emo kid now, nor recovering from a trip down to Purdue, nor dealing with the guilt of hitting a deer (more on that later), I can make a real post.

Anywhos, last weekend (not the one that just past, the one before), I went down to Purdue for the Anime Club's Marathon. A 1 and 1/2 hour drive after leaving my house, I ended up at Cary Quad (the dorms I used to live in and where Chapel resided until finals ended last week). Surprised the shit out of John, who didn't know I was going to be visiting. A long story short that I don't remember most of, I hung out at the Union playing games on my compy and hanging out with peoples.

Silly things that happen include:
-The discussion of a 'rape setting' (along with the comment of "set rape to stun")
-Chapel finding a small portion of my hentai stash on my computer (this search came about when he remembered the challenge that my g/f made long ago to find some hentai on my computer back when she hated the stuff but now sends more to me than I actually have).
-I obtained one of this years PAC shirts, which has all of the PAC officers from this year (which includes me)

I ended up spending the night at Dave's apartment. The next morning I called in sick for work (didn't want to drive another hour and an half and then work 7 hours). The two of us went to the IHOP in town for breakfast, which included jokes about Sunday drivers ("Damn Sunday drivers." "Aren't we one of them right now?" "Shut up."). And then later on I drove home.

I hung out with Chrissy for a while when I got back to Valpo, and on the way home from her place, I hit a deer. I was lucky that I only clipped the poor thing in the ass with the side of my car, but I'm sure it hurt and it certainly hurt my car. I have to replace the right headlight and turn signal now. That's a good $200 down the drain. Atleast my car is still drivable even without those parts and the turn signal still works alright (the cover is what needs to be replaced, along with the frame).

So yeah, that was an eventful weekend. And now, I have posted. I think I'll do some drawing or something soon-ish. Or play Black and White 2 some more. Picked that up last week. It's nice to be god every so often.


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